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Sara Zaidi is the President of an NGO, where she manages the organization's operations and financial affairs, promotes ethical behavior and transparency, and builds trust with stakeholders to further the NGO's mission.

Sara Zaidi


Ali Raza Abadi is the Secretary of an NGO, where he oversees the organization's legal and financial compliance, manages relationships with stakeholders, and ensures the integrity and transparency of the organization's operations.

Ali Raza Abadi


Late Mohammad Ali Hussain Ali Narsinh was a patron of the NGO, generously supporting the organization's efforts and playing a key role in its growth and development. He was highly respected within the community and his commitment to the NGO's mission was unwavering.

Late Mohammad Ali Hussainali Narsinh


Munira Hussain Ali Narsinh is the patron of the NGO, providing support and guidance to the organization as it works towards its goals. She is a strong advocate for the mission of the NGO and works to raise awareness and funding to further its work in the community.

Munira Hussain Ali Narsinh


Huain Ali Yusuf Ali Narsinh is the patron of the NGO, and is responsible for providing guidance and support to the organization as it works to achieve its goals. He is a respected leader in the community, and is committed to helping the NGO make a positive impact on those it serves.

Hussain Ali Yusuf Ali Narsinh


Mrs. Zaidi has a strong commitment to the mission of the NGO, and is dedicated to advancing its goals and making a positive impact in the community. She is known for her professionalism, integrity, and ability to build strong relationships with stakeholders.

Mrs Zaidi